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“Stories,” writes Lisa Katayama, “help us make sense of our world.” via “What If People Could Tell Their Own Stories?” — Discover


A chunky fine line

September 5th, 2014 There is no fine line between loneliness and solitude, only a clunky, black-Sharpie-esque streak that delineates both. Even though there are many nights I wonder if I know how to be alone, now is one fine, humid afternoon where I seek solitude. For now, I will pretend that I am the only […]... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Guide (REPOST)

Four and a half years ago I decided to publish a book. It took me nearly four years to make it happen. One of the first things I did at the beginning of this journey was to start a blog…and so began a separate journey into the delights of social media! Over the four +... Continue Reading →

Readers’ Theatre Project Presents Spoon River Anthology: For Voices — Spirits of the Dead Tell Stories of Life in a Small Town

By B.A. WOODRUFF Campus Press Staff (ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2013 EDITION) Throughout the 2012 and 2013 academic year the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts/ Speech Program has released a series of shows through The Readers’ Theatre Project, an outreach performance series available to residents of Camden County.  Among the performances are The Grapes of Wrath,... Continue Reading →

Author Interview – M.L. Williams

G.L. Cromarty

Today I have the pleasure of introducing author M.L. Williams who will be sharing his thoughts on reading and writing, and details of his book, SEERS OF VERDE.

M.L. Williams On Writing

When I start working on a project, many times the characters come to me in my dreams and either demand their story be told or provide me with ideas for future chapters.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Be true to your ideas and put in the time. Writing can be lonely. Find mentors or other writers who can be a support group or sounding board. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions influence you during the writing process.

Best thing about writing?

Seeing these characters unfold and tell their stories is fascinating.

Least favourite thing about writing?

Rewriting and editing.

What is your favourite genre(s)?

Science fiction and that curious oxymoron, historical fiction.

Both genres appeal to my imagination. With science fiction, the…

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Immigration Attorney Advises CCC Students about Trump’s Executive Order on Muslim Ban

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN MARCH 2017 EDITION) By Shane Kellum Campus Press Staff Reporter Blackwood, N.J. — An attorney came to Camden County College on February 2, to address students’ potential concerns about President Trump’s new immigration policy.  Afia N. Yunus, an immigration lawyer working out of Philadelphia, answered questions about the matter in Taft Hall’s... Continue Reading →

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