What are Your Goals and Resolutions for 2017?

By Kenisha I’Sha Prendegast /Campus Press News Writer and Columnist



Are you among those who miserably failed after a few weeks with making New Year’s resolution ? Well, let’s not to stress ourselves of such catastrophe. My biggest advice to you is…Make more realistic resolutions.   The majority of us oftentimes make lifestyle resolutions, change of diet, weight loss, relationships goals, more reading, less spending and so on.   All these are quite possible and yes! It felt great during those last few days of 2016 when you were pumped up with determination and optimism that it will work! “Piece  of cake!” You thought.

But, hey, are you like Betty?

She had plans to switch to a full vegetarian diet and oh dear Betty could not resist the chicken fingers at her cousin’s birth night party last week. There goes the New Year’s resolution; Betty threw her hands up!  If you’ve already set and broken a New Year’s resolution, like Betty, all hope is not lost.    Let’s not torture ourselves. All we need to do is lower the bar. Betty can always choose a week from each month to not consume meat. A goal as simple as Betty’s can also be set daily.

What about Steve?

Steve started his jogging in the mornings bright and early. Well, let’s rephrase. Steve jogged only four mornings since the start of this year. ‘Talk about hyped up with determination’ He ‘threw in the towel’ and now he has scratched the “I will jog every morning” Resolution.   Is all hope lost for Steve? No! Absolutely not! There are other options. Three days of this week sounds great to me! What about the option of even setting that goal at last minute! If you can’t accomplish it weekly, well,  make it tomorrow’s plan or what about setting that goal for the weekend?

Set Realistic Goals

My point is, we might not be able to make things happen on a long term basis and so suddenly. Set monthly weekly and daily goals if you have to. Accomplish it little by little.   You will be more impressed with yourself when you see the outcomes; it might not be all at once or in the time you initially intend for it to, but hey, we are living a busy life; do them while you can.

What is your 2017 goal?

How are things going for you? Remember if it’s not going as planned…lower the bar a bit. Accomplish it when you may. One last and important thing: An agenda book should be on your 2017 must-have list. This helps  you to plan a well-organized and successful year.  As the great Oprah Winfrey once said “You become what you believe.”  Never throw your hands up when it comes to your personal development. Do the best you can for you. Manage your life! And remember to celebrate your accomplishment!




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