Making the Case for Selecting Rapper Tupac Skakur to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

By Christian A. Browne – Campus Press Staff Music Columnist

Being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame    Is an honor that many artists dream of but very few ever achieve in their career.  Being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the hardest things to be a part of. You can be nominated after 25 years of your first EP, album, or song. To get in you must have impacted the world musically and have a body of work that few can disagree of being worthy. With that said, getting in on your first try is even harder.  Only about 53 artists including inductees this year have even been nominated on their first try. No one from this class deserves this honor more than Tupac Shakur.


 Tupac Brought Rap Music to Mainstream Audience     Tupac Shakur helped to define Rap music and to bring it to the mainstream audience. Tupac’s music has influenced so many rappers, artists and people in general. Some of his songs talked about sex, drug, and violence. While thoughts about the lyrics of those songs may seem wrong, he will not be remembered for those songs or for the unforgivable things that he done in the past.  Tupac Shakur’s music talked about the struggles of living in the hood, racial problems in the world, death, and other controversial topics. One of his songs, “So Many Tears” talked about his past and tragedies that he saw and faced in his life. He talked about seeing his friends getting murdered, being in jail, religion and God, and he talked about what would be his untimely death before it even happened.

Tupac’s Music Spoke to Millions      Another song for example, “Dear Mama” talked about the struggles his mom faced, apologized for his bad choices in life, his actions, and his hope to provide her a better life. This is the gift that Tupac Shakur had. His music spoke to millions of people around the world and talked about problems that people still face in their lives today. It can not be underestimated the impact that “2pac” had on people from different ways of life, races and social class.   He has been dead for over 20 years now and still has an impact in the world.  You go to any city now whether it’s Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere and you are bound to hear one of his songs or see someone wearing a t-shirt of his. Tupac died sadly at the age of 25 years old but has sold over 75 million albums in the world. He wrote and placed a number one album on the charts while he was in jail. He has influenced countless artists and rappers’ careers like Drake, J Cole and Eminem.


Tupac Shaped Genre of Music     Whether you thought that he was a good or bad person in general, there is no denying that he helped to define and shape a genre of music that people at the time thought would be dead today. If Tupac Shakur was left out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then it would be a huge shame and tragedy. While there are other artists like Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, The Cure and other artists who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there is no one on the list or eligible to be on it who should be inducted in the Hall of Fame more than Tupac.

 Meets Criteria for Selection     The goal of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is to induct artists from ANY genre of music who helped to define it. Even though 2pac may not be a rock artist, he more than fills the bill in this case. It’s just a real shame that he has passed away and wouldn’t be able to receive the award and honor in person. However, the impact that he has made will live on in the millions of people that he has influenced and the music that he has left behind.   Other music artists who will be inducted this year are Joan Baez, ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam, Yes and Nile Rodgers.


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