Fool For Love

 By Kenisha “I’sha” Prendegast


Fool for Love

I don’t want to be a fool for him, who is making a fool of himself. 

Taking my sweetness for weakness.  Faking his sweetness that’s making me weak.

 Messing my dreams up with his image; my dreams, now in it, is his presence, yet still I don’t wana sleep.

 I allow him to make a fool of me; I know this isn’t love but will he ever love me?

He paints a picture and damn! It’s lovely,

But the portrayal of his perfect work of art lacks consistency.

 My emotion is doing it again.

 Letting my guards down, the cage that protects my heart from the heartless who wants to tear it apart regardless

 Of my sincerity, my dignity. Boy please! Stop messing with me.

 Don’t do this if doing it ain’t something you want to do

Or is it that you just doing what you doing so you can do me, that, then do me wrong and do over with me. 

 Lies linger in your truth 


 Cease from making a fool of yourself! Cause I don’t want to be a fool for you. 

Or am I the fool, making myself a fool 

When your words are nothing but truth and I fail to believe in you.

 I am sorry. For being in and out of it, causing all this confusion It’s my emotions, running wild again, sensing illusions. Now I feel as if I’m all responsible. That, I should be.

 I need to take control of my thoughts and my feelings before you take control of me.

I am the fool. I’m sorry.


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