My Lullaby



I try so hard, I don’t know why;

A time once of love is now a lullaby.

I drift to sleep with thoughts on edge;

And give, this time, myself the pledge.

Yet I know why, the tears I guess.

I find myself in another mess. Could I be strong and do for myself;

And hide this strain on an empty shelf?

Or should I stand with what I believe:

That patience prevail though hearts may bleed

I’m restless, drowsy;

Drained through my core.

I’m lethargic and messy; I can’t take

Much more. Yet still I ty, because I love you so much so;

And God will pull me through this time of woe.

I’m fighting every second of the way;

My days to run, my nights to pray.

I don’t want to quit, but maybe I should? And if this is the case,

I’m not even sure I could. . .


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