Major Spotlight: Public Relations


By JULIA HAND Campus Press Commentator

Many may not know that public relations is a major here at Camden County College. In fact, it seems that most students do not even know what public relations is. After polling 30 random CCC students about their knowledge of public relations, less than half knew what public relations officials really do — even though PR is everywhere in today’s modern world.  I know what you’re thinking; who cares? I’m here to tell you that you should. Recognizing that the media you receive are all monitored and organized in a way to appeal to you is key to becoming a savvy, aware member of the modern society. Every representation you have ever seen from a company is shaped by the hands of public relation officials and advertisers.  With all of today’s technology, from e-mail, to Facebook, to chat forums online, it is difficult to upkeep a positive image of anything! As a public relations major, I will be part of the future in showing the world the best of a company, product, or person; or even spreading the awareness of a charity or cure.   If you are charismatic, love to meet new people, and have an eye for advertising, public relations may be perfect for you. Help the world focus on the positives in this dreary age of information!




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