POLITICAL COMMENTARY: THE FEAR OF Donald Trump Becoming President- Make America Terrified Again

*With the sudden news with him back again, this might be a good article to read.*


By Brianne Lindline Campus Press Co-Editor and Columnist

The rumors of Donald Trump running for president have been going on for years. The problem with this is that nobody knew he was actually serious.  Now that this entrepreneur and self-made businessman is actually in the campaign and is the leading Republican candidate, the fear of him actually becoming president has swept across the nation.

Yes, there are people who support him applauding him for being blunt and not acting like a typical “politician”. Yet if he wants to be president, he is going to be a politician which means he has to behave in a diplomatic and respectable manner. Being president is a high esteemed role and the person in this position needs to be aware of the things they say. People can say what they want in the privacy of their own homes, act out and share their extreme view points in the comfort of friends and families, but when you are someone in authority pushing your views so harshly, a reaction is to be expected.

I asked a student of CCC by the name of Mike Brooks, exactly what he thought about Donald Trump getting away with the obscenities he has strewn and he replied, “Donald Trump: the only candidate where facts don’t apply.” Most people cannot get away with the things Trump has said, and yet he is still winning in the Republican polls


While in his campaign, he has managed to cause outrage in several communities, mainly focused on people of color and women. He started off his campaign with a comment on illegal immigrants saying verbatim, “They’re rapists. And some, I assume are good people.”   This was a contradicting, bias statement that was not presented with any proof or factual information. He said exactly what was on his mind without thinking and forming a comprehensive observation.

Targets Religious Group   Another outlandish plan he has proposed is to keep Muslims from entering the U.S. and to put surveillance in mosques. This type of proposal sounds like something Hitler would suggest. He has lost support and sponsorships with Macy’s, NBCUniversal, and several other corporations over his ludicrous accounts.  Not only are his uneducated, racist remarks a major issue; his attitude towards his opponents and people who disagree with him is questionable behavior for someone running for president.  He has made remarks about his opponent Carly Fiorina’s appearance such as “Look at that face!” and “Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?” This is funny because do we really want Trump’s face to be a president we have to look at? I could create jokes about Trump’s appearance for days, but that would be futile because he really thinks he looks good. He doesn’t. He doesn’t at all.

Makes Questionable Remarks   These are only some of the questionable comments and behaviors Trump has exhibited. Although he does have supporters and people genuinely like him, personally I don’t understand it. Donald Trump has said things comedians shouldn’t even be allowed to say and yet he continues to say what he wants without repercussion. People need to realize he is not going to “Make America Great Again” because America has never fully been great. Each decade has held an issue that being the economy or even social injustices. These talks of better times held a lot of turmoil and inequalities for people. We can paint the past to be a beautiful picture all we want, but the world was not how U.S. history books want us to imagine.


It is time for change. Our country does not need a bigoted, egotistical man to lead our already bigoted, egotistical society. We need someone who understands the distress people face on a daily basis. We need someone who can lead us to becoming a better society, not one that just goes to war. Just because someone stands up there and says blunt comments does not mean they are comments to live by and believe. I do agree that politicians have the tendency to lie, but public statements used in an organized debate should not sound like dismantled Facebook statuses filled with hatred and uneducated accusations.   Donald Trump is saying what his supporters want to hear that does not mean 6358235333419573281092854367_donald-trump.jpghe is not lying. His campaign slogan is to “Make America Great Again” which is a lie in itself. How is building a giant wall around the perimeter of the U.S going to make us great? How is allowing racism and hatred towards people who practice their religion openly a beneficial trait for Americans to have? There are morals that need to be embedded into our society that are being surpassed by hatred and unapologetic actions. Our focus should be on changing what our society has become. We are not the worst, but we are not the best.  Our country should not have a businessman with no experience to be our president. Our country is not a business to be run, it is a nation filled with actual human beings with actual problems that need to be dealt with. We live in an individualistic society, but our government focuses on individuals with wealth and status. Then our government takes us and puts us into groups.

There is no focus on an individual’s needs, there is only a “Do or Die” attitude pushed onto us. Donald Trump would only make this worst.   He does not care about people and he never has. He cares about money and himself. If you have the feeling that Donald Trump is going to “Make America terrified again” then make sure you vote for the right candidate. The Primary schedule for New Jersey is June 7th. It is important to vote in the primaries to decide the candidate running for president in November. Vote wisely and vote for someone who wants change for the better.

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