HISTORY AND HUMAN NATURE: More Than Just a Chronological Lecture About Dead Men, Dates, and Never-Ending War

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED APRIL/MAY 2014 EDITION) By JULIA HAND Campus Press Co-Editor and Columnist History has long been a dreaded subject for many...its relevance and practicality evades students.  However, history is more than just a chronological lecture about dead men, dates, and never-ending war. It is filled with relatable tales of the individual who made decisions... Continue Reading →

Eating Health: On Being a Vegan,

(PRINTED IN MARCH 2014 EDITION) By Demi Marcantonio Campus Press Health Reporter Eating meat is totally unnecessary. There is no proof, what so ever, that a person must eat animal flesh or any by products of animals to be healthy, yet there is overwhelming proof that it truly is best not to! Veganism is a way... Continue Reading →

Paul Strand Takes Philadelphia: A Review

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN MARCH 2015) By JULIA HAND Campus Press Co-Editor and Columnist The Philadelphia Museum of Art currently has an exhibit of the works of Paul Strand, a major figure in modern photography. I spent two consecutive days in the museum, each time spending a considerable amount of time in Strand’s exhibit. From straight-forward... Continue Reading →


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