Through the Eyes of Mark Zen Ryejiff: Has the Celebration of Halloween Disintegrated?

(ORIGNALLY POSTED IN NOVEMEBER 2013 EDITION) Campus Press Student Columnist & Humorist- Mark Zen Ryejiff “I don't call for the abolishment of Halloween, barring my own opinion, but I advocate that we ought to think about Halloween and determine if it really is a good thing.” As another Halloween has passed, I was, once again,... Continue Reading →


March, Women’s History Month: STEM Careers Closing the Gap

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2014 MARCH EDITION) By JULIA HAND Campus Press Columnist March is Women’s History Month, and as you may know, the career fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are dominated primarily by males. However, there are a few outstanding women in the field that deserve to be recognized for being among the... Continue Reading →

Are Women Students Asked to Choose Math Over Music? Author Asks the Provocative Question in Her New Book, Destiny’s Call

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN MARCH 2013 EDITION) Are the arts getting snubbed during the 2013 Women’s History Month?  There are three reasons girls need music as much as math, says Elayne G. James, author of Destiny’s Call, the first installment of the young adult fantasy series “The LightBridge Legacy,” ( According to James, one simple yet... Continue Reading →

Major Spotlight: Public Relations

(ORGINALLY PRINTED IN NOVEMBER 2013 EDITION) By JULIA HAND Campus Press Commentator Many may not know that public relations is a major here at Camden County College. In fact, it seems that most students do not even know what public relations is. After polling 30 random CCC students about their knowledge of public relations, less... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Hetshepsut, First Queen of Ancient Egypt

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2016 MARCH EDITION) By Jennafer Chloe Bohne Campus Press Co-Editor and Columnist Hatshepsut, also spelled Hatchepsut, female king of Egypt (reigned in her own right c. 1507–1458 BC) and attained unprecedented power for a woman, adopting the full titles and regalia of a pharaoh or king.  She was the elder daughter of... Continue Reading →

Profile: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — The Man and The Day of Service at CCC and Around the Nation

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2016 Jan-Feb EDITION) Edited By Harry Schonleber Campus Press Staff Writer Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement. January 15 & 18 Tribute to King   In tribute to Dr. King, the college’s Student Life... Continue Reading →

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