Through the Eyes of Mark Zen Ryejiff: Has the Celebration of Halloween Disintegrated?

(ORIGNALLY POSTED IN NOVEMEBER 2013 EDITION) Campus Press Student Columnist & Humorist- Mark Zen Ryejiff “I don't call for the abolishment of Halloween, barring my own opinion, but I advocate that we ought to think about Halloween and determine if it really is a good thing.” As another Halloween has passed, I was, once again,... Continue Reading →


Readers’ Theatre Project Presents Spoon River Anthology: For Voices — Spirits of the Dead Tell Stories of Life in a Small Town

By B.A. WOODRUFF Campus Press Staff (ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2013 EDITION) Throughout the 2012 and 2013 academic year the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts/ Speech Program has released a series of shows through The Readers’ Theatre Project, an outreach performance series available to residents of Camden County.  Among the performances are The Grapes of Wrath,... Continue Reading →

State of California Named for Queen Califia?

(ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN 2016 MARCH EDITION) By Kenisha Prendegast Campus Press Staff Columnist It is the picture displayed here that got me intrigued in knowing more about this outstanding figure.   I see a woman of great serenity and an infallible posture. Her eyes pierced through her chiseled face; observing her presence while she looks in-depth... Continue Reading →

Major Spotlight: Public Relations

(ORGINALLY PRINTED IN NOVEMBER 2013 EDITION) By JULIA HAND Campus Press Commentator Many may not know that public relations is a major here at Camden County College. In fact, it seems that most students do not even know what public relations is. After polling 30 random CCC students about their knowledge of public relations, less... Continue Reading →

Fool For Love

 By Kenisha “I’sha” Prendegast (ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN DECEMBER 2015 EDITION) Fool for Love I don’t want to be a fool for him, who is making a fool of himself.  Taking my sweetness for weakness.  Faking his sweetness that’s making me weak.  Messing my dreams up with his image; my dreams, now in it, is his... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Humorous Take On Weird Fiction

(ORIGNALLY PRINTED IN SEPT-AUG 2016 EDITION) By T.J. Schreiber – Campus Press Literary Critic From retired world conquering aliens to two fast-food workers going on an epic quest, the works of A. Lee Martinez have brought readers to meet many quirky takes on common tropes of science fiction and fantasy.   Born in El Paso, Texas,... Continue Reading →

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